Phishing - the threat of the decade

With the increasing complexity of IT systems, it's hard for people to keep up with the latest trends. The sophistication of firewalls, IDS, EDR is growing and the user is the weakest link for attackers. Recently, attackers are often aided in preparing attacks by artificial intelligence, which can generate trustworthy images, videos, audio and text. Gone are the days when it was enough to look for grammatical errors in phishing emails; today they are written in perfect Czech.


Fisherman - one-time phishing

This service will provide a one-time review of your organisation. Once we have mutually agreed and determined the exact scenario, we will send out emails containing clues that it is phishing. We will let the campaign run for a period of time and then evaluate it in a final report.

Water bailiff - continuous education and testing

The service aims to continuously educate your employees to be vigilant and not easily manipulated by an attacker. After the order we will prepare the first phishing campaign. We will then continuously train and test users throughout the year. The continuous training method is proven to lead to the best results and is highly cost-effective.

Poacher - black box phishing

Simulates a real attack - we find out the necessary information about your company from public sources and try to attack it in different ways. All with a view to not causing damage that would actually occur in a real attack. In addition to a set of common attacks, we also have lesser known ones.

Why choose us

Years on IT security projects have taught us how attackers think and what they do.

  • We select tests sensitively with the customer in mind
  • Each test round will be evaluated and described in a report
  • We offer phishing as a service - it's about ongoing testing and education