Burp suite


PortSwigger is a British company that is much better known for its Burp Suite tool.

Burp Suite Pro is an advanced web application security testing toolkit that is used in penetration testing. It is popular for its ability to identify weaknesses in web application security. Burp allows testers to view and manipulate all data that is sent between the browser and the target application, even if the communication is encrypted. Pentester thus has full control over all requests and responses, allowing potential weaknesses to be identified and exploited.

Burp Suite Pro includes many additional features and tools that make penetration testing more efficient and automated. These tools include a vulnerability scanner that automatically scans the application and looks for known vulnerabilities; an intruder scanner that allows automated submission of requests with different inputs to test for vulnerabilities; and a sequencer that analyzes the quality of session tokens. It also allows users to save and retry their work, which is very useful for long-term projects and team collaboration. Its extensive capabilities and advanced tools make Burp Suite Pro a great choice for professional pentesters.

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