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Use AI as your advantage

AI has literally boomed in recent months. ChatGPT has quickly found millions of users around the world, and unfortunately, even those with bad intentions. Many clones have emerged, some of which directly specialize in illegal activities, such as fraudGPT.


AI can be misused, but it can also be exploited, and that's exactly what the NodeZero product we offer does. It is an autonomous pentesting tool that can continuously test your internal and external network for potential problems. It's more powerful and cost effective than a human tester, uses the same methodology over and over so it doesn't miss anything, produces high quality final reports and is ready for deployment in a production network. So it finds vulnerabilities before any ransomware or attacker does. A group of elite researchers ensures a constant flow of new exploits.

Main advantages

What are the main benefits of NodeZero?

  • No expert knowledge required for testing
  • License includes unlimited number of tests
  • All findings are accompanied by proof and detailed remediation steps
  • Helps meet some DORA or NIS2 regulatory requirements
  • All is GDPR compliant and EU (Frankfurt) territory

The introduction of the tool itself is easy - make an appointment and we will arrange a date for the presentation. After that, you decide if you want to do the PoC. If you do, you will sign an NDA and a test account will be created on the NodeZero portal. You then download and run a docker container on a computer on your network, which then runs the tests. The testing period is 14 days of live testing and 14 days of read-only testing.


At the end of the test period, the final presentation will take place and it is up to you to decide whether to purchase the product. The minimum subscription period is one year and you can optionally pay quarterly.