About Us


Our approach to security

We adhere to three basic principles when providing our services and creating our products:

  • Affordable solution

    If you're not a Formula One pilot, we won't offer you a formula. We understand that safety doesn't sell, so we look for affordable solutions.

  • Easy to use

    If the solution is complex, users will not want to use it, they will look for steps to to work around it. So we choose so that users can get comfortable with the result.

  • Continuous improvement and training

    Threats are constantly evolving and so users need to be constantly trained and we need to improve company's security mechanisms.

Advanced protection for your business

Anti-virus programs are now standard, installed in more than 90% of computers; and 60% of mobile phones. For some time now, they no longer just offer protection against viruses, but often also protection against ransomware, cookie tracking or protection of banking data.

We cooperate with Bitdefender and sell their security products.

Surveys show that 25% of companies from the SME segment do not back up. 30% back up to devices located in the same office. All it takes is a fire or a break-in to put the whole company at serious risk.

We'll help you back up your data properly and test the resulting backups regularly.

GDPR has been in place for several years, but there are still companies that do not fully comply with the Data Protection Act.

If you wish, we can carry out an audit to tell you if everything is in order.

Encryption and data loss protection (DLP) - comes in when you have backups sorted and your network, stations and applications are already well protected. It's the next stage, where you try to prevent sensitive data from being read by unauthorised people.

We offer HSM components, which are the most secure way to store certificates and generate encryption keys.

We use Acronis Advanced DLP product to cover DLP functionalities.


Four steps to a safer company

What does cooperation with us look like?

Find threats

Phishing, penetration tests, or just an analysis of the current state will show what needs to be changed. We will propose next steps, including indicative costs, in an overview report.

Installation of new components, introduction of new processes

Our partners will provide you with hardware, software. You can leave the installation to us. We can help you design new processes.

Training, consultation

We offer our services in person, but also remotely, most often via Microsoft Teams. However, we prefer face-to-face contact for training.

Support, resolution of security incidents

Do you want to be sure you can contact us during working hours with security problems? Take advantage of our support.