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New cybersecurity law in Czech Republic

The aim of the new NIS2 EU directive is to broaden the range of companies that are obliged to address defences against cyber-attacks. In the current problematic security situation, this is not an impediment, but rather a support for companies from the state. It obliges them to allocate budget resources for cyber protection. The directive needs to be implemented in the Czech legal system, which is why a new law on cybersecurity is being drafted.

What is changing?

The law has not yet been approved, but comments from the professional community are already underway. Key points:

  • Obliged entities self-register with the NUKIB
  • Accountability of governing bodies is introduced
  • It is likely that buyer-supplier chains will need to be controlled

NUKIB warns companies not to order NIS2 consultations before the final approval of the new Cybersecurity Act. However, it also mentions that it is not a mistake to protect your IT systems in accordance with widely known IT security standards.

Why choose us?

If you want to find out where your IT systems stand in terms of security, we're here for you. Our Cyber Security Analysis service will reveal where there is the most room for improvement. We have been consulting for over 15 years. We have worked for the largest companies in the Czech Republic and Europe. We understand business and technology and can communicate with people from both groups.

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Systematic improvement of security

On the basis of a clear report, you will then be able to decide for yourself which steps to take as soon as possible and which you can leave for later. This will help you to evaluate the cost-to-move ratio at the level of safety. The amount of planned investment in cybersecurity varies from company to company. It absolutely we understand and respect. It is entirely up to you what pace you take.

Attackers are always looking for new ways to overcome your defenses. It is therefore essential to keep up with them and continually improve our defensive tools. One of the long-standing weak links is users, so we recommend regular training and phishing tests to our customers.