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Cloud Security Audit

Over the past few years, more and more customers have been migrating their environments to the cloud. The cloud is a complex environment that also changes over time, so it's easy to make critical mistakes.

With our Cloud Security Audit service, we perform a comprehensive security analysis of your existing cloud environment (AWS/Azure) and identify weaknesses and gaps in your setup from a cybersecurity perspective. We are a fan of modern infrastructure as a code (Terraform) and automated pipeline approaches that minimize the likelihood of vulnerabilities, and make the environment transparent and consistent.

The audit includes:

  • Identity and access rights control for users
  • Analysis of data encryption settings
  • Check event logging and anomaly monitoring
  • Evaluating backup and data recovery settings
  • Verification of protection against cyber threats
  • Network and firewall settings check

  • We haven't had any problems so far, why do an audit?

    The public cloud is available to anyone and has fast connectivity. So if you misconfigure it, your data can quickly fall into the wrong hands. An unpatched server can also quickly become a target for automated tools.

  • How does the audit work?

    We will request your documentation and read access to the assessed environment. We will then go through the questionnaire together, addressing the most important areas to think about safety. Based on the information in it and the nature of your business, we will suggest sensible steps that will effectively reduce the risks to your cloud environment.

  • Is it possible to collaborate remotely?

    Yes, the entire audit can be done remotely, but we prefer to at least do the final presentation in person. In the case of remote implementation, we sign documents with a qualified electronic signature and communicate via secure encrypted channels. For video calls we use the MS Teams platform.