Node Zero

Node Zero™

Node Zero™ is a product of an american company Horizon is a mix of US Special Operations, US National Security, and cybersecurity industry veterans. Their mission is to “turn the map around” – using the attacker’s perspective to help enterprises prioritize defensive efforts. Founded in 2019, is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and 100% made in the USA.

NodeZero provides continuous autonomous penetration testing as a true SaaS offering. With NodeZero, cybersecurity teams proactively find and fix internal and external attack vectors before attackers can exploit them. Why to use NodeZero? Like APTs, ransomware, and other threat actors, NodeZero discovers and fingerprints your internal and external attack surface, identifying the ways exploitable vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, harvested credentials, and dangerous product defaults can be chained together to facilitate a compromise.

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